I’m Aaron Baker, a Senior Web Developer in Manchester, UK.

I’ve been a developer since 2007, working primarily with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS to build web applications like CMS, CRMs and eCommerce platforms.
I have a lot of experience coding with Zend Framework 2, jQuery, SASS and with using Git.

So far so blah…

Well I’ve taken projects all the way through from interpreting client specifications, development, testing, deployment and maintenance all the while working closely with the client and other internal teams to get the job done right.

Hmm, go on…

I’ve written code to integrate with Amazon, eBay, Royal Mail, DPD and many more.

Interesting, anything else?

I’ve been the primary developer of a Windows-based, PHP-GTK EPOS application in use in around 10 stores in the UK, I’ve worked on a Chrome extension, I’ve written a small Go app and I’ve even written some Ruby.

Is there anything you can’t do?!

I’m not a designer (as you can tell from this site) but what I am is a very competent, back-end developer with great communication skills, diligence and ambition.

How would you describe your development style?

I believe in doing things right the first time rather than having to fix them later. I like to ask lots of questions at the requirements stage so that both we and the client can be sure the specification is complete and correct. I’m very keen on documentation, re-usable code, coding standards and CVS policies.

Do you ever use your powers to help others?

As well as helping my colleagues I have a site called The LAMPpost where I post useful things I’ve discovered for other developers and I contribute to the Reddit.com/r/PHP community. I’ve also made a few (admittedly small) contributions to some open source projects.

Well, I’m sold. What are your aims?

I want to be involved in technical decision making whilst still being a hands-on developer. I want to set the standard for how things should be done and to help a company to provide a great service to it’s clients.